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    The Ecoprophet | Build Empathy Groups (tribes)

    In Britain, so much of the nation's land is locked up by a tiny elite. Just 0.3% of the population – 160,000 families – own two thirds of the country. Less than 1% of the population owns 70% of the land, running Britain a close second to Brazil for the title of the country with the most unequal land distribution on Earth.


    Is Your Life Your Prison?! | Russell Brand | VIDEO

    Is Your Life Your Prison?!   A clip from today's Under The Skin podcast with the incredible thinker and philosopher (though he wouldn't call himself that)...

    People before profit: the Degrowth Movement values people, not money

    Degrowth Movement values people, not money   Globalised capitalist economies continue to rely on numbers and economic growth, although they reveal little about inequality and sustainable...

    VIDEO | Short Dog Challenges #PRANK #CORGI #DOG

    For your entertainment in Interesting Times <3   Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke   Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke When it comes to relieving stress,...

    The speedy building of an association of revolutionaries driven by empathy groups

    The real task of driving the ecosystems of the planet and handle the global disease burden is the task of the speedy building of an association of revolutionaries operating under the banner of Humane Equitability Accountability Lawfulness Enforcers (HEALE) are committed to hearing the quiet crisis of the planet and the world consisting of the upcoming devastation from 1) climate change, 2) ocean acidification, 3) growing population of climate refugees, 4) Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) pandemic and 5) asoliphilia driven by Folly and Tragedy of Unregulated Global Irreplaceable Commons (FATUGIC) which implies ecosystem overexploitation. Asoliphilia refers to a lack of role model leaders to mobilize humanity to tackle the remaining four elements of this quiet crisis.

    The world is under attack from 3 Killer stooges : THE 3 STOOGES ARE AGW+GEM+NCD.

    We stare at the “stars” as our World speedily hurtles towards a nightmarish abysmal apocalyptic catastrophe as we run out of the water, food, shelter, energy, security, lawfulness, and no more healthcare services making the planet Earth unhabitable.

    � Moe : GEM aka recession /deep depression (Global Economic Meltdown)

    �Larry : AGW a.k.a. Climate Change (Anthropogenic Global Warming)

    We stare at the “stars” as our World speedily hurtles towards a nightmarish abysmal apocalyptic catastrophe as we run out of the water, food, shelter, energy, security, health services because Global Ecology (source of food and water) is unsustainable; Global Health system is unsustainable; Global Economy (market system or commerce) is unsustainable, and the politicians are hiding these 3 truths from you as best as they can until the truth bubble bursts.


    CEIESA : A call to develop a radical strategy to tackle climate and public health has recently been made through the discussion under the title Catastrophic Econo-Inflammaging-Ecological Syndrome of Anthropocene or CEIESA – by giving Blue-Green Zonis a chance to tackle the interlinked inflammation of the ecosystems and that of the human bodies responsible for accelerated aging or healthspan abbreviation that is now being called inflammaging. Inflamm-aging by the researchers headed by Franceschi. The parallel between climate change and inflamm-aging is the brainchild of Australian Dr. Garry Egger who uses the synonym Metaflammation or Inflamm-aging and links it to the Chronic Diseases and diabesity (diabetes+obesity) and has published Shining the ‘Spotlight’ on Obesity in Obesity Facts 2012; 5:288–292 in which he links obesity to the economics and found a link between wide wealth gap and job insecurity and obesity and ecological stability and depicts the situation in most rich nations as one of negative returns driving the obesity and NCD epidemic. The message of Dr. Egger is online as Obesity, Metaflammation, ‘Inflammaging’ and Chronic Disease. 28 June 2009 Part 1-5 [ Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.]


    AFFLUENZA Based on two highly acclaimed PBS documentaries watched by 10 million viewers, “Affluenza uses the whimsical metaphor of a disease to tackle a very serious subject: the damage done — to our health, our families, our communities, and our environment — by the obsessive quest for material gain”. In cleverly titled chapters like “Swollen Expectations “ and “A Rash of Bankruptcies, “ the authors examine the origins, evolution, and symptoms of the affluenza epidemic. Yet they also explore cures and suggest strategies for rebuilding families and communities and for restoring and respecting the earth. Demonstrating that now, more than ever, Americans need ways of fighting the affliction, this edition includes a new introduction and updated figures, adds information on the impacts of stress and overwork, and provides an in-depth look at various campaigns and movements offering solutions for today’s problems. Engaging, fast-paced, and accessible, it re-examins a serious, far-reaching issue for a wide audience.

    Politicians, business leaders, and faith leaders are the enemies not friends of the public.

    Politicians, business leaders, and faith leaders are hiding these 3 truths from you as best as they can, and letting them do that and failing to hold them accountable and transparent will end it all.

    ♦ Access to the land to those deprived of all access to land humans do need land.

    ♦ A lot better distribution of wealth by the introduction of laws that effect “The Cut”

    ♦ Protection of the health of public and of the ecosystems on priority to the economy so we take steps to avert Catastrophic Econo-Inflammaging-Ecological Syndrome of Anthropocene (CEIESA)

    Climate is ripe for Social Change Grassroot social justice movements not the UNFCC summits offer the only viable solution to global warming, global economic stability and curtailment of global disease burden and is explained by Vishwas Satgar The leaders of all three varieties (faith, business, political) are guilty of failing to even halt or slow down let alone end the Depravity, dispossessions and destitution of the poorest fifth of human population by ending the ever widening wealth gap and the abuse of that surplus wealth to grab the land, food, water away from the poor to be able to enslave and exploit them forcing them to work under horrible sleep deprived conditions and long commutes which is creating an enormous and potentially catastrophic global disease burden and imposing mammoth healthcare costs which would lead to a global economic melt-down (GEM) in the coming decades.


    The trajectory on which the world now is on is precarious and the predictions about the events of the coming decades are scary as we are unsustainable.

    ►Global Ecology (source of food and water) is unsustainable

    ►Global Economy (market system or commerce) is unsustainable;

    ►Global Health system (treatments of illnesses) is unsustainable;

    The global boom in premature mortality and morbidity from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) shares many similarities with pandemics of infectious diseases, yet public health professionals have resisted the adoption of this label. It is increasingly apparent that NCDs are actually communicable conditions, and although the vectors of disease are non-traditional, the pandemic label is apt. Arguing for a change in terminology extends beyond pedantry as the move carries serious implications for the public health community and the general public. Additional resources are unlocked once a disease reaches pandemic proportions and, as a long-neglected and underfunded group of conditions, NCDs desperately require a renewed sense of focus and political attention. This paper provides objections, definitions, and advantages to approaching the leading cause of global death through an alternative lens. A novel framework for managing NCDs is presented with reference to the traditional influenza pandemic response.

    Unsustainability of the currently designed economic and market model.

    Blame game is very flows and tricky, it is overly simplistic and often stupid to blame people. Judges convict accused of murders almost half the time or may be at least 20% of the time. DNA tests have acquitted those on the dearth row. While it might reflect bad on my part to the defence the miscreant, the fault is not entirely of the CEOs of the corporate universe. They cannot help the wealth flowing towers them, Listen to the views on this by Prof. Christian Kreiss who explains that Our Economic System in not Sustainable but it is not within the power of the system to fix the flaw either, It will take a Global Economic Meltdown like the fall of twin towers to build a new artefact in its place.

    A case for minimalism the antidote for FATUGIC.

    Mathias Lefebvre in his TED talk What do we truly need in our lives explains why access to a piece of the surface of earth per capita is inalienable life essential akin to the need of air and water (both of which can only exist only on an area of land). Land deprivation (through air, water, food, healthcare and shelter deprivation) is the ultimate CRIMINAL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS that Corporate entities and governments are guilty of. It makes perfect sense that if there is a limit to the sizes of the fertile land on the finitely sized Earth, when it was possible to comfortably feed merely one billion humans on it we have now the task of feeding 10 billion the human consumption would need to shrink to 10% otherwise there would be choas. Several artificial steps wer taken to hide this reality. During conolinization the Europeans countries espe the UK and France paraistized the rest of the world and build a luxurious lifestyle, which was sustainable until the gigantic populations of India and China wanted to savour that same lifestyle, which is when the hell broke loose. The dirty task of persuding the poor Asians and the residents of the global south to remain poor pheasants and not demand the Jet Set lifestyle of luxuries. That did not work out well. Some semblance of sustainability is possible now only through an exceptionally diligent minimalims of microhomes and minihomes on the West. It should help the billionnaires to degrae their lifestyle to mediocrity and thereby lower the global disease burden by adopting the views of Esther Stoel Downsize your life to downsize your stress and those of Stacy Mitchell in Why we can’t shop our way to a better economy . There is no such thing as Green products or Ecop-friendly products. If they can be dispensed with all purchases are luxury products and must not be consumed. Breton Lorway a small-town adolescent makes it clear in her talk Saving the Environment from Consumerism requires us to “Stop Buying Stuff” as affirmed by Jon Alexander in Is global sustainability possible in our society? And Dr. Justin Mog in The Myth (delusion) of “Environmental Sustainability

    The EVIL of “Folly and Tragedy of Unregulated Global Irreplaceable Commons” (FATUGIC) a. k. a. Tragedy of the commons as noted in Wiki.

    I have added the words Folly, foolishness or Stupidity of Excessively Myopic Self Interest Promotion SEMSIP of overconsumption (hperconsumption) of resources of planetary ecosystems. This greed and jeolosy driven competetition for the land and luxuries. Greed can not be as bitterly villified either given that there have been benefits derived from it, given that the speedy development of civilization in the past millenium speciafically is the direct outcome of that greed or desire for more. When approached EVERY SINGLE PERSON has to date told me that he ir she is “TOO BUSY’ (effectively extraction of and consumption of resources and in esence devasating the ecosystems to the max) and has no time to listen to my viewpoints on the need to tackle this FATUGC This AFFLUENZA driven phenomenon afflicts humans ubiquitiously who are unwilling to share the resources fairly. While the marginalized destitute can not blamed the so called middle class is itself guility of what it blames the top 1% of wealthy of greed, selfisheness and ecosystem devastation. Wiki outlines that the “Tragedy of the Commons” is a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users, acting independently according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the common good of all users by depleting or spoiling the shared resource through their collective action. The theory originated in an essay written in 1833 by the British economist William Forster Lloyd, who used a hypothetical example of the effects of unregulated grazing on common land (also known as a “common”) in Great Britain and Ireland. The concept became widely known as the “tragedy of the commons” over a century later due to an article written by American biologist and philosopher Garrett Hardin in 1968 In this modern economic context, “commons” is taken to mean any shared and unregulated resource such as atmosphere, oceans, rivers, fish stocks, roads and highways, or even an office refrigerator.

    Human greed and selfishness are ubiquitous.

    While the poor, underprivileged and marginalized seem justified in blaming the wealthy billionaires of having wrongfully accumulated massive wealth, there are several footnotes that must be added as the assertion framed as the sin of the wealthy is not correct either.

    Nasty Norman Notoriety.

    It would be fairly proper to peg the blame of the economic, and ecological and NCD pandemic on the evil perpetrated by the Normans. Severe social inequity triggered by Normans is now causing the demise of ecosystems and civilization. It was published by Paul Kingsnorth in Guardian in Dec 2012. William the Conquerer’s descendants are still doing well out of a land grab that created the unequal England we know today. It is at the root of homelessness afflicting the entire planet.

    In Britain, so much of the nation’s land is locked up by a tiny elite. Just 0.3% of the population – 160,000 families – own two thirds of the country. Less than 1% of the population owns 70% of the land, running Britain a close second to Brazil for the title of the country with the most unequal land distribution on Earth. Anglo-Saxon England had been a mosaic of landowners. Now there was just one. William then proceeded to parcel much of that land out to those who had fought with him at Hastings. This was the beginning of feudalism; it was also the beginning of the landowning culture that has plagued England – and Britain – ever since. The dukes and earls who still own so much of the nation’s land, and who feature every year on the breathless and criminally super-wealthy lists, are the beneficiaries of this astonishing land grab. William’s 22nd great-granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II who today sits on the throne, is still the legal owner of the whole of England. Even your house, if you’ve been able to afford one, is technically hers. You’re a tenant, and the price of your tenancy is your loyalty to the crown. When the current monarch dies, her son will inherit the crown (another Norman innovation, incidentally, since Anglo-Saxon kings were elected). As Duke of Cornwall, he is the inheritor of land that William gave to Brian of Brittany in 1068, for helping to defeat the English at Hastings.

    The land grab was not the only injustice perpetrated by the Normans that has echoed down the centuries.

    William built a network of castles with English slave labour from which he controlled the rebellious populace by force. This method of colonization and control was later exported to Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, as the descendants of the Norman kings extended their empire from England to the Celtic nations. They taxed the poor harshly (the Domesday book is a tax collector’s manual), deepening rural poverty to enrich royal coffers which were used to fight the continental wars that ravaged medieval Europe. Not without justification has one historian referred to Norman rule as a system of “medieval apartheid“. In 2012, as in 1066, the ruling class still drink wine while the “plebs” drink beer, much of the country remains the property of a few elite families and the descendants of the Normans remain wealthier than the general population. Meanwhile, the nation as a whole is paying the price for the rapacity of a wealthy elite which feels no obligation to its people. . The Norman conquest spurred a decade-long campaign of underground resistance by guerrilla bands across England – a story that is largely forgotten now. The Normans called these rebels the “silvatici” – the men of the woods, or the wild men – and they proved as hard to defeat as guerrilla fighters always are. Though the Normans were never expelled, the spirit of the silvatici can be traced throughout later English history, from the Peasants’ Revolt to the tales of Robin Hood. Not everyone takes conquest lying down. Today’s elites might like to take note. If things don’t change, economy, ecology and humans all can perish.


    The rental income-based economy is fatally flawed because it permits exploitation oppression and marginalization of those who do not have land by those who have taken control of massive, insane or criminal amounts of land the surface of the planet. Except for the fictional and fatally flawed concept of capitalism, there is no basis for any human or a family to become owner or controller of such mammoth swaths of land the linked ecosystems of the planet. There is a philosophical flaw in ownership of huge segments of the planet Earth which by laws of nature must be assumed to be shared by all living inhabitants from wildlife, livestock to the pets, and people. The arbitrary control of colossal sized lands has created a seriously defective economic and merchandise and service marketing system which is like a self-inflating balloon and as is the case with all such balloons it is only a matter of time that it bursts open and the economy, ecology, markets, civilization and the state of law and maintenance of peace on the planet shatters. That outcome is inevitable if the humans fail to change the trajectory that economy ecology and public health is currently on, In order to understand the inherent flaw in the “rent” based exploitation of the masses by the multi-billionaire elite it would be helpful to view this TED talk by Dr. Christian Kreiss Why our Economic System in not Sustainable


    POPULATION CONTROL. Consumption control via population control is critical for the entire trio of AGW GEM NCD. A discussion on one child family and the adaptation of the planet’s work environment and civil environment to render it senior friendly is a seriously overlooked but urgently needed policy consideration upon taking into account the views expressed by the experts on this field messages from whom are summarized on the page assigned to population.


    DDEADD Disabling & Deadly Epidemic Attributable to Diabetic Diathesis

    1. Epidemic of sleep problems, hurry sickness and attention scatter.

    2. Epidemic of diabetes & obesity (diabesity epidemic)

    3. Epidemic of JUNK food (and sugary soda) addiction linked to above.

    4. Epidemic of narcotic addiction (plus alcoholism and nicotine addiction)

    5. Epidemic of loneliness and of high stress & depression weakening immunity

    6. Epidemic of sedentariness and poor eating habits.

    (NB: The net effect of these epidemics is the hidden epidemic of Low counts or poor functioning Natural Killer cells, poor cytokine power and low antibody titres)

    Humane Equitability Accountability Lawfulness Enforcers (HEALE)

    (SEE The Cut – as the solution for the Rent Crisis)

    The speedy building of an association of revolutionaries operating under the banner of Humane Equitability Accountability Lawfulness Enforcers (HEALE) are committed to hearing the quiet crisis of the planet and the world consisting of the upcoming devastation from 1) climate change, 2) ocean acidification, 3) growing population of climate refugees, 4) Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) pandemic and 5) asoliphilia driven by Folly and Tragedy of Unregulated Global Irreplaceable Commons (FATUGIC) which implies ecosystem overexploitation. Asoliphilia refers to lack of role model leaders to mobilize humanity to tackle the remaining four elements of this quiet crisis.


    Third-phase Overwhelming Travellers are both a blessing and a burden. TOTS / DITTO – Third-phase Overwhelming Travellers TOTs to trigger IAcODcIM avalanche & iceberg. Taming/Treating Third-phase Overwhelming Travellers is going to prove to be a massive global challenge and there is a mammoth amount of work that is necessary to address this global crisis which amplifies all others. Another way to represent this crisis is through use of term Disproportionate Incorrigible Terminal Tridecadal Overpopulation (DITTO)


    AFFLUENZA ADDITION to of the immoral top 0.1% wealthy quasi-Royal Elite of the world signals demise or decimation of the civilization and would drive most of the wildlife species to extinction and bring humans as a species to brink of extinction so policy measures like removal of 35% of the wealth of the super-wealthy for protection of the planet must be implemented without delay. Sustainability of an infinite economic growth systems which is essential for the integrity of the uncorrected capitalistic free market based economic system is implausibility on a finite planet Earth. This confronts humanity with an insoluble dilemma given the wish to preserve the capitalistic economic system without the CUT or Capitalistists’ Umarming Tithe (10% wealth diversion of the wealthiest to the poorest proceeded with through enforcement of a legislation to that effect as the first instalment of total proposed wealth diversion between 30% and 40%) Wealth must be diverted to reverse the upward flow of wealth that has gone on at very rapid rate at least for the past century although it likely started 400 years ago. We have to GetTheCut.


    Because land must be possessed but it can neither by the quasi-royalty nor the pheasants it is ideal to have a collective or communal collaborative compassionate onwership. Promotion of communal land resources upon ending dispossession that feeds supercapitalism. The current wealth gap widening economic model is permitted by the state of 99% dispossession or non-ownership of the land resources to extract goods for the consumption of a community of vast majority of residents of that land who feel connected to it and grow their food from it. Dispossession promotes ecocide and pollution by viewing ecosystems as a remote and distinct entity while an ecosystem is made up all living and even non-living elements of district or region. For them to be resilient and sustainable, communities must become a lot more localized (deglobalized), participatory, grass roots and self contained. Studies show that the group size of 250-300 is the optimal commune size.


    I am approaching you to help an enthusiastic and driven woman Zahra Habib ( ) to set up a group of utterly sincere and committed people to promote Altruism, Empathy & Compassion – The ACE triad another name for which is Orderliness Conscionability Authenticity ( http://Bit.Ly/OCATriad ) which is being developed to help the world emerge out of this mega-crisis and to help cope humanity with the PostCOVID19 mega-depression with a substantially lowered standard of living for all ( ) that could last decades. Survival during that era is going to depend heavily on solidarity ( such that communities or nations that fail to cultivate adequate solidarity would risk going extinct especially under the pressure of Climate Change Crisis on top of the poverty. If you are so inclined please contact Zahra and offer her advice, support and guidance. This is intended to be closed group with members to be introduced only by referral or invitation of existing members only. Thanks P. Verma (

    Dr. Kayla Enriquez explores regions of the world suffering from humanitarian crises. She looks at the history of humanitarian aid and the next steps for the humanitarian community.

    Need of global scale human solidarity to end corruption. Watch Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption’s hidden players

    When the son of the president of a desperately poor country starts buying mansions and sportscars on an official monthly salary of $7,000, Charmian Gooch suggests, corruption is probably somewhere in the picture. In a blistering, eye-opening talk (and through several specific examples), she details how global corruption trackers follow the money – to some surprisingly familiar faces.

    Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds — and so is economic inequality, says writer Chrystia Freeland. In an impassioned talk, she charts the rise of a new class of plutocrats (those who are extremely powerful because they are extremely wealthy) and suggests that globalization and new technology are actually fueling, rather than closing, the global income gap. Freeland lays out three problems with plutocracy … and one glimmer of hope.

    Our leaders need to be held accountable, says journalist Heather Brooke. And she should know: Brooke uncovered the British Parliamentary financial expenses that led to a major political scandal in 2009. She urges us to ask our leaders questions through platforms like Freedom of Information requests — and to finally get some answers.

    A former reporter, she covered the fall of the Taliban for NPR, then left journalism to remain in Kandahar in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the country, living there almost continuously since December 2001. Deeply embedded in the life of the city and fluent in Pashtu, Chayes gained a unique perspective on the unfolding war. An expert on the dynamics of severe corruption, Sarah Chayes lived for most of a decade in Kandahar, Afghanistan, before serving as a special assistant to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She now researches the role of corruption in driving security crises. Chayes is a senior associate in the Democracy and Rule of Law Program and the South Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowment. She is an expert in South Asia policy, kleptocracy and anticorruption, and civil-military relations. She is working on correlations between acute public corruption and the rise of militant extremism. After running a nongovernmental organization founded by President Karzai’s brother Qayum, Chayes launched a manufacturing cooperative that produces skin-care products for export from licit local agriculture. The goals were to help revive the region’s historic role in exporting fruit and its derivatives, promote sustainable development, and expand alternatives to the opium economy.

    Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig makes the case that our democracy has become corrupt with money, leading to inequality which means only 0.02% of the United States population actually determines who’s in power. Lessig says that this fundamental breakdown of the democratic system must be fixed before we will ever be able to address major challenges like climate change, social security, and student debt. This is not the most important problem, it’s just the first problem. Lawrence Lessig is the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, former director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, and founder of Rootstrikers, a network of activists leading the fight against government corruption. He has authored numerous books, including Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Our Congress—and a Plan to Stop It, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Free Culture, and Remix.


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    VIDEO | Short Dog Challenges #PRANK #CORGI #DOG

    For your entertainment in Interesting Times <3   Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke   Stress relief from laughter? It's no joke When it comes to relieving stress,...