When I was in my early 20s’, I was working in downtown Montréal and I enjoyed going out for lunch or after work on Saint-Denis Street. It’s located in the Quartier Latin which has many quaint little French bistros, restaurants, bars and theaters. That specific area was and still is very popular with tourists.

Growing up being French, I’ve had many dishes that might be considered as a fancy meal by some of you which to us were just a weeknight dinner. Although my parents made us Coquilles St JacquesBoeuf BourguignonCoq au VinBouillabaisseVol-au-ventChocolate Éclairs, Madeleines, and so on, there were still a lot of dishes I haven’t tried. When going out to a French bistro or restaurant, if there were items on the menu I never had before, it was guaranteed I’d order it. That is how I enjoyed my first Salade Lyonnaise • Lyonnaise Salad!

This is an incredible salad and quite distinctive from most others! First the dressing is a beautiful warm bacon-shallot mixed with sherry vinegar and Dijon mustard. It’s poured over frisée salad and tossed with lardon… basically a “fancy” French word for BACON! Just before serving, it’s then topped with a poached egg. OMG!

I love salad but this Salade Lyonnaise • Lyonnaise Salad is spectacular! When you take a bite of the runny egg yolk mixed with the frisée and a small piece of lardon (might as well keep using that word… lol), it’s a deliciously awesome experience for your taste buds!

This is a flavorful meal on its own. David and I enjoy it as a meal. Served with crostini, this Salade Lyonnaise • Lyonnaise Salad is sure to please your palate. Play some Édith Piaf for background music, set the table with a red-white checkered tablecloth and a small vase with a few flowers. Pour a nice glass of dry white wine, close your eyes and savor this authentic French meal which originated in the region of Lyon, France.
Bon Appétit!

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Servings : 2 servings

Meet Francine

Francine LizotteOur Canadian lady, Francine Lizotte was born and raised in Montréal in the province of Québec. Her French-Québécois culture had a profound impact on her cooking skill to this day. As a young woman, Francine’s preference was going out to restaurants over nightclubs. She moved to different parts of Ontario and lived there the major part of her life. Her curiosity about different cultures and cuisines, took her on a journey of experiencing a wide variety of flavors, herbs and spices. With her traveling mixed with her culture, Francine brings tasty food from her kitchen to your table.

In 2014, Frankie was invited to become a food recipe analyst for a large U.S. web-based recipe site and is still with them today. This experience reinforced her desire to share her food passion with the world and this is what lead to the creation of Club Foody. Her kitchen is her playground and Frankie loves to create “great food to fit your mood”.