Thursday, October 1, 2020

    Mike Schreiner | One of my biggest takeaways from COVID-19

    Local food is keeping us fed.


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    Dear John

    Being stuck at home these last few months and seeing some bare shelves at the grocery store has me thinking more about Ontario’s food supply and whether we’re prepared for bigger shocks down the road, like climate change.

    Last week, in our largest online event ever, I was joined by five food experts who came to a similar conclusion about the lesson from COVID-19:

    Local food is keeping us fed.


    When global supply chains are cut off or big processing plants are overrun by disease, it is local food supplies that we depend on.

    And that’s why COVID-19 has more people turning to community gardens, to local egg farmers, and to vegetable delivery boxes.

    Greens are calling for more of this – more food grown, processed and sold right here in Ontario. 

    Renewing our local food system will not be easy, but there are some places we can start:

    – Protecting farmland from urban sprawl
    – Helping family farms compete with big corporations
    – Supporting farmers to adopt climate friendly practices
    – Increasing food literacy and community gardens in schools

    We must learn from this pandemic and protect our local food system so that it can feed us everyday, especially in times of emergency.

    Will you sign our petition to support Ontario grown food?


    Mike Schreiner
    Green Party of Ontario


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