Thursday, October 1, 2020

    Mike Rilstone | Let’s Grow Victory Gardens!


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    Let’s Grow Victory Gardens!


    Here’s the back story: this is something I’ve been thinking about for about a week as I’ve walked the dogs.


    Every time I have walked back to our home several times daily, I’ve looked at our front lawn and lamented looking at something so green and pretty knowing fellow Canadians by the thousands could soon be going hungry; even starving.


    Then I heard Gram talking to me again. She passed away on August 17, 1963 but still talks to me often! Gram was one of my best friends ever and she spent hundreds of hours teaching me everything from her first home in Bermuda to how to grow a garden. She taught me about World War Victory Gardens.


    Canada should emulate our forebears. The Covid-19 pandemic is a war. Millions are unemployed and wondering how they will soon feed their children and themselves. What use are pretty lawns when neighbours are starving? Indeed, those starving may also have lawns.


    Pictured is a gentleman using a portion of his front lawn during World War Two as a Victory Garden.


    How many tons of fresh produce could millions of Canadians grow on their front lawns this summer instead of mowing and watering grass?


    Now, here’s a biggie: imagine the social benefit if everyone donated a portion of those gardens to food banks and neighbours in need!


    Although I have lots of ideas, I don’t want to prevent others from thinking “outside of the [flower] box”, so for now they will remain off this note, allowing others to share their thoughts and be an integral part of contributing to this idea.
    Once a good assembly of ideas have been compiled, the sum of our thinking will be sent to Ms. Patty Hajdu, Canada’s Federal Minister of Health. Let’s get her on the bandwagon and, hopefully with Justin’s influence too, also get every Premier and Mayor on board as well.


    So let’s come up with a Master Plan for Victory Gardens together. Please come up with suggestions, add them to the comments below. Let’s get ideas pouring in from everywhere!


    Yes, let’s get all of Canada involved! Let’s get Victory Gardens growing coast to coast to coast for the summer of 2020.


    Who’s in?




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